COVE Targets expanded

A few examples of how you might develop the targets within the classroom

COVE target

Help me recap what I’ve just done by asking questions

Whatever you all do in the day, once you’ve done it then talk about the activity and ask questions to encourage the child to say sentences about the activity. You can model specific sentence structures.

COVE target

Help me answer ‘who, doing, where’ questions using language through colour

Use a language through colour prompt strip to then be reminded to use the 3 key words in response to the specific question

COVE target

Help me regulate the loudness of my voice using a three point scale

Adapt the 5 point scale to use 3 points- 1: too quiet, 2: just right, 3: too loud. Enable the child to learn what loudness is which level and then use the number or a visual prompt to remind the child what loudness level they should use